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EMC Services

Have you ever had your equipment tested by a typical EMI test lab?  
They run numerous attenuation curves and in the end they show you points where you're out of spec.  Then they tell you to fix it and bring it back to retest and of course another fee.

MTK Electronics has a fully equipped  conducted emissions test department that can virtually eliminate the above scenario by having our experienced staff engineers design a filter for your specific problem while your equipment is under test.  No need to go back and forth from your facility to the test lab.  While most other facilities offer other types of testing,  MTK's focus is EMI and only EMI.  This cost effective solution is offered at a reasonable daily fee.  Our test are compliant to MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD 220 A and more.

If you prefer, an MTK engineer can visit your facility for a preliminary evaluation.  MTK can offer EMI/EMC design & engineering consulting.  Call for details and cost.

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