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Telephone and Signal Filters


  • Designed, manufactured and tested to the applicable portions of MIL-F-15733.

  • Pass band insertion loss measured in a 300 ohm system per MIL-STD-220A (Applicable to telephone filters only).

  • Stop band insertion loss measured in a 50 ohm system per MIL-STD-220A.

  • Case: Steel suitably plated to withstand corrosion.

  • Filter can be supplied installed in cabinets.


​Cabinets can be supplied with the filter elements wired to terminal boards for easy of on-site hook-up.

Options also include cabinets with welded conduit hubs or nipples for penetration into shielded or secure areas and to facilitate conduit installation.

Contact MTK Electronics Inc. for additional cabinet styles and filter configurations.

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